Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best Spinner

Honestly, I have tried 3 to 4 article rewriters or softwares including web-based software or installed software. Some software I tried cost higher than $60, some even less than $15.

But The Best Spinner is the best software ever, quite impressive in terms of the thesaurus, speed, easiness and result.

If you look at the short video (on the link below), you can tell that The Best Spinner works surprisingly fast compared to other similar software. If you already get familiarized with the software, you can get the whole 350 words of article spun or rewritten in just 2-3 minutes, or even faster than that.

In terms of thesaurus and dictionary, each of the words come with many similar words. From usage point of view, this is the easiest and straight forward.

In terms of results, this is the best article rewriter which can guarantee more than 50% uniqueness. The articles rewritten can be guaranteed to be just like human rewriting them.

However the price is a bit more expensive than others, but still not among the most expensive.

Below is my honest review of The Best Spinner out of 5 Points, comparing to other article rewriters or softwares:

Speed : TheBestSpinner (4 points), Others (2 to 4 points)
Thesaurus/Dict : TheBestSpinner (4 points), Others (3 to 4 points)
Simplicity : TheBestSpinner (4.5 points), Others (3 to 4 points)
Results : TheBestSpinner (4.5 points), Others (2 to 4 points)
Price : TheBestSpinner (3.5 points), Others (2 to 5 points)

The price for this software is $7 for 7 Days Trial, followed by $77/year after that. Yes, you need to pay annually. But it is really worth it if you are really into website contents for SEO purpose or articles writing.

You will only know after watching the video or try it. Just try it, there is Money Back Guarantee.

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